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About Us

All your FOODSERVICE needs in one experienced PARTNER
Flomatic international was established in the year 2018 with the aim to provide all kitchen equipment & spare parts accessories under a single roof. It is the outcome of our technical expertise in the field of professional kitchen services. Our aim is to provide OEM spare parts and accessories for all kitchen equipment with a perfect technical backup in a quick, efficient and professional way. We provide spare parts for all the leading brands.

We supply spare parts and accessories for cooking line equipments, refrigerators, ice machines, dish and glass washing machines, bakery equipments, preparation equipments, table top equipments, ovens and many more for commercial kitchens.

A professional and dedicated team carries out the procurement and supply of spare parts for commercial food service equipments directly from world class manufacturers or dealers with maximum care for quality and cost. We take pride in our attention to even small details and are confident that our customers get what they want; but more importantly, what they really need.

We work closely with spare parts manufacturers, designers, supply chains, technical experts and end users to be sure that the user gets the prompt and quality parts to meet their requirements.